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Everything that I have reviewed or am intending to review in one place. The columns are as follows

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    • Rather than giving books a numerical rating, I’ve opted for “Essential” and “Avoid” tags. Essential books are, in my opinion, indispensable. I found books with an “Avoid” tag to be a waste of time. Most books don’t deserve either of these distinctions.
  • Audible – Is the book available on Audible?
TitleBlog LinkAuthortl;drTagsAudible

100 to 1 in the Stock Market
ReviewThomas W. PhelpsBuy right and hold on. The greatest success in the stock market comes from holding good companies for decadesStocks, Value InvestingYes

The Education of a Value Investor
ReviewGuy SpierFocus on what matters to you, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, build your process around that.Psychology, Value Investing, EssentialYes

Thinking In Bets
ReviewAnnie DukeWhen it comes to making decisions under uncertainty, not only are we all biased, but also blind to our own biases. Use this book to help mitigate bias and improve decision making.Psychology, Essential, PokerYes

The Dhandho Investor
ReviewMohnish PabraiHead's I win, tails I don' t lose too much. There's nothing wrong with copying great ideas.Stocks, Value InvestingYes

The Little Book the Beats the Market
ReviewJoel GreenblattBuy the companies with the best combination of highest return on capital at attractive price.Stocks, Value InvestingYes

You Can be a Stock Market Genius
ReviewJoel GreenblattLook for opportunities in the places where others can't, or won't.Special situations, Stocks, SecuritiesYes
Way of the TurtleCurtis M. FaithCurtis FaithBe systematic. Simple is good. Simple works.System Trading. Futures. TurtlesNo