It’s happened to me more than once – I’ve purchased an investment book only to realize that, not only have I already read it, but in some cases, that I already own it. I guess that I must read a lot.

I wanted a way to keep track of all that I read and distill the salient points so that i can review them when the mood strikes. My original intention was to keep my write-ups for personal use but I thought that others might find is useful, so I’m making a website out of it.   

Unless otherwise stated, all of the reviews and categorizations on this website are my own thoughts and opinions.  This website is primarily a tool for me to keep track of what I’ve read and determine how it fits in to what I already know about the investment world.  For context, I’ve been in the investment business for about 20 years, hold a couple of professional designations and an advanced quantitative degree and most importantly, have learned a lot through personal experience (read: trial and error).  The lessons that I get out of a book relate to my journey to date and might be totally different from what others take away.

Finally, as always, none of the opinions that I share here should be considered investment advice or recommendations.  An endorsement of a book, technique, investment philosophy, asset class or anything else found on this website is not to be used as justification for any kind investment action on your part.  Things that are appropriate for me may be totally inappropriate for you based on your individual circumstances / financial situation.  Always consult a professional before making any financial decisions.   As the great Charlie Munger put it: “knowing what you don’t know is more useful than being brilliant”.